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Website Maintenance Plans

Website Design and Website Hosting





I manage all of this using iThemes Security Pro, BackupBuddy, iThemes Sync, iThemes Stash and Sucuri malware monitoring.


I know a guy who charges $1200 a month for maintenance. All he does is create a report on their traffic stats, keep the plugins and themes updated, and create a backup of their site for them. I say this to reiterate that you should just create a price point and see where you get the most sign ups, stop there and your good.


$50/m for up to 1 hour of changes per month, includes hosting. Other plans available up to $199/m, then $50/hr for additional maintenance.

I charge 80€ + VAT / year for the maintenance of basic wordpress sites with no additional plugins. Depending on the plugins (which increase the risk of problems) I individually charge more. My largest plan atm. is 380€ + VAT/ year. Hosting is extra and also runs at 80€ + VAT plus costs for the domains. PS. These plans do not include content updates – I charge those on a per-use basis in steps of 15 Minutes. 45€/h + VAT.



Basis maintenance (keeping site, themes, and plugins up to date) is included in my development price. If they want me to add things periodically, change design, add pictures…) $75 If they want me to run the site for them $250 , post for them, maintain social media, create events, run mail chimp……, seo checks, updates, maandelijks rapport bezoekers en


$125 (sometimes discounted to 100) includes SSL, hosting, plugin + core updates and client-requested edits (up to 2hr max per month). Edits probably average <20 mins a month per client.

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